The Adventures of BeBop Bunny - by Amy Seidman

This delightful, darling tale of Bebop Bunny will be sure to touch on many senses, along with sending many wonderful messages to your child. Bebop is a young, spunky bunny that lives within the Great Big Forest with his Mama. Bebop loves his Mama but, he also loves to dance and play, and one day that gets him into lots of trouble. Bebop becomes lost and encounters some unique individuals out in the Great Big Forest, but little does he know that the one he fear the most will be the one he can trust and the one who will bring him home to Mama bunny.

Tuck your children into bed, curl up next to them and take an adventure with "The Adventures of Bebop Buny"! The inspiration for this story came from my own son's imagination at bedtime. I have brought together "classic" and "modern" style writing, and Nick has done the same with the illustrations to create this 21st century tale of a Bunny. I hope that you and your children enjoy this story as much as my family has, and as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

~ Amy Seidman

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